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Friday, May 15, 2015   /   by George Burdell

Homes for Sale in Markets Where It's Easy to Bike to Work

As you made your way to the office this morning were you one of the individuals who drove in a car or did you burn a few calories and honor National Bike to Work Day? While we haven't found anyone in our office who biked to work this morning (it gets a bit tricky with crazy Atlanta drivers), we want to congratulate those who participated and rode a bike to work!
There are a variety of reasons to opt into participating in this annual event. Maybe it's for your health (swimsuit season is right around the corner), the world's health (clean air is a must), or an undisclosed reason... could you be one of those individuals who enjoys having the breeze flow through your hair? 
When you review the hours spent commuting have you considered finding a home where it's easy to bike to work? As families enter the home buying process location is typically a top decision maker. It can be difficult to find a location that is centrally located between the office, the children's sc ...

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Friday, May 8, 2015   /   by George Burdell

Mom's Favorite Room in the Home

We love our Moms and all the ways they contribute to who we are today. As we celebrate our Moms this weekend (we probably should celebrate them everyday since they did bring us into this world), we were curious to learn what room is the most important to moms during the home buying process. 
In a home there are many rooms where mom can run to hide and lock the door from screaming kids. After the numbers were tallied we discovered the overwhelming winner is a room typically with no doors. Almost 50% of the moms surveyed shared the kitchen is the most important room in the home. The runner-ups included a fenced yard/outdoor space (16%), master suite (11%), and living/front room (5%). Surprised? The reasoning shared by moms shows they do truly love to spend time with us and hear about our day. Need proof? We did. Here are comments from moms who love their kitchens. Keep in mind it’s not just the design/style of the kitchen, but those people (that’s us their sons ...

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015   /   by George Burdell

Feliz Cinco de Mayo: Top 10 Places to Celebrate

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo seems to become a bigger deal every year in the United States. Although the shared Mexican-American holiday's U.S. roots extend as far back as the 1940s in California, it did not gain the kind of nationwide relevance it enjoys today until beer companies began taking advantage of its marketing potential in the 1980s. Although many of us are still under the false impression that we're celebrating Mexico's Independence Day (actually September 16th), the truth is there's no such thing as a bad excuse to eat chips and salsa and drink margaritas so dispensing with historical accuracy and focusing on having a great time is fine by everyone.
Luckily most cities come well-equipped with Mexican Restaurants, so finding a spot to celebrate the Battle of Puebla is typically muy facil. We went out and found the cities that have the absolute maximum potential for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. We'd love to measure this in terms of most concurrent chips being crunched o ...

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Monday, May 4, 2015   /   by George Burdell

Welcome to Houses.net!

Welcome to Houses.net! 
Houses.net provides a simpler, more collaborative home buying process. The search provides a streamline process that reduces the abundance of information, which can make the search overwhelming. The process of discovering your ideal home usually takes some assistance. Houses.net has developed innovative collaboration tools that allow a home buyer to invite anyone - spouses, partners, friends, family, agents, lenders – to a shared notebook where an ongoing conversation about the home search is organized and managed all in one place. 
This site was executed after hours of consumer user testing that discovered flaws in the current home search process. The quick, responsive design streamlines the home search for consumers to locate a home based on a few search features. 
How can Houses.net help you find your ideal home?

Set up a notebook to keep your key search info organized
Amenities (including restaurant ...

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