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Monday, May 4, 2015   /   by George Burdell

Welcome to Houses.net!

Welcome to Houses.net! 
Houses.net provides a simpler, more collaborative home buying process. The search provides a streamline process that reduces the abundance of information, which can make the search overwhelming. The process of discovering your ideal home usually takes some assistance. Houses.net has developed innovative collaboration tools that allow a home buyer to invite anyone - spouses, partners, friends, family, agents, lenders – to a shared notebook where an ongoing conversation about the home search is organized and managed all in one place. 
This site was executed after hours of consumer user testing that discovered flaws in the current home search process. The quick, responsive design streamlines the home search for consumers to locate a home based on a few search features. 
How can Houses.net help you find your ideal home?

Set up a notebook to keep your key search info organized
Amenities (including restaurant ...

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