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Flagami Elementary School8

Miami, FL | Miami-Dade County

March 30, 2011

I have a child with learning delays. Today she is an honor student in her middle school, all thanks to the teachers in Flagami. They took the time to provide us with one on one tutoring, even on weekends at no cost. The teachers and staff at Flagami are truly dedicated and loving. Thank you Flagami.

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March 30, 2011

I have four children, now in high school who have all excelled in their education because of the one on one attention given to them by every teacher they ever had in Flagami.

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January 10, 2009

This school is the best!! I say it from the bottom of my heart!!they have awesome programs!!!

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September 1, 2007

I have 1 chlindren in this school. he is the 3rd grade. I am very happy whit the school, teachers.He is learning and he is very happy there.Thank you

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August 2, 2005

Flagami Elementary has always been an excellent school. The only comment I have that appears negative is the 3rd grade process for FCAT they just begun. I dont agree with the 'Middle School' style of each student seeing each teacher. I think when they concentrate on a certain amount it give them more of a chance to target the special need in that particular child.

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March 1, 2005

I had 2 children in this school. My kids did very well. I now have a family member in that school and was very upset last year when his report card was A,B, and C'S and yet he failed the FCAT. Something is wrong with this picture. I'm not blamig the school in total but I feel he did not fail but the school system failed him.

Submitted by a former student

March 2, 2004

My child is in the ESE program and the teachers are excellent. The school is also a very good school - strict on attendance and tardiness which is good. I do not like the safety. I think they need more security, but other than that the school is wonderful.

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January 8, 2004

My daughter is a kindergarten student at Flagami Elementary School and I am very happy with the school, teachers, after school program and all the activities she is envolved in. She is lerning and she is very happy there. Thank you Flagami Team.

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September 9, 2003

My daughter went to this school from kinder to fifth grade. I loved this school, and she did too. I remember the tears running down her face when she had to leave. She felt at home there. She loved the teachers and the activities. They were hard on the class but fair. Everyday she tells me that she wishes she was there again. If there is one public elementary school you have to put your kids in, its this one.

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June 11, 2003

Horrible experience with this school due to the clerical staff, office staff, afterschool staff. There is a major problem in this school with these departments. Whenever I had a problem, concern or question, they could never help me or answer my questions or each person would give a different answer. I am very disappointed with this school. However the teachers were excellent! The only reason my son finished the school year in this school was due to his teacher.

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