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Spanish Lake Elementary School8

Hialeah, FL | Miami-Dade County


March 13, 2015

I can't begin to say how truly disappointed I am in this school, it's staff and the robot teachers it employs. Gone are the days of teachers inspiring students to do great things. Here to stay are standardized testing and lack of attention towards students that have the capability of being more but requiring the attention from a true educator. If you get a teaching degree, I would assume that you are interested in molding the young minds of the future. I, with no formal education, could do a better job than the automata's hired at this school. I am desperately looking to move my child out of this environment. If you can, I suggest you do the same.

Submitted by a parent

October 14, 2013

I would give this school zero stars but the option doesn't exist. My child is zoned to attend a school that penalizes you for not being hispanic. How is this fair? How is it that a born US Citizen gets treated like a second class citizen simply because his parents didn't migrate to the United States? This is my sons 2nd year at this school and I must say that this school year has taken discrimination to a whole other level. The sign on the building should read "if your not not Hispanic, we don't want you here!!!" From the non English speaking staff to the spineless teachers forced to teach our children. When I asked the teacher why nothing had been done about this she explained that the the principal believes that non Hispanic kids are simply experiencing what immigrants who migrate over experience when they enroll in public school. Is this her sick way of punishing innocent non Hispanic children for what her ancestors may have experienced? Is that not why ESOL exists? What provisions do they have in place for non-Spanish speaking students who are enrolled in their school?

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October 7, 2013

I am an alert parent, watching and involved parent, unlike the August 30th parent, who is a SLE employee. SLE administration wake up! Don't let the boosted up reviews of clueless reviewers and your hired staff fool you. Parents talk. Parents keep up with each other on current progresses of their child/children AND the poor quality of teachers and staff - from the underqualified principal down. Parents see MUCH more than you think and some of your staff talk honestly, so beware. Look at the reviews. If you can't see clearly that the August 30 response was obviously written by school staff in such an "official" method with words, specifics, & details of processes and not just a parent you also will believe this school should be rated higher than 1-star. If you're reading this site on SLE, you're concerned Oh ... how much did that electric sign cost by parental and school fund raisers cost? $35,000 was a quoted price in one of the principal's poorly run parent/staff orientations. And an electric sign is more important than a child's progress. How sad. How out of priority this purchase was. Very sad because with better administration & teachers, the school could be so much more.

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October 6, 2013

90% of high ratings for the school are from staff. horrible organization skills in the beginning of year as to enrolling your child to school! if you work you would have to take atleast two days off. teachers act to show interest in students but fail to communicate with parents unless you child is "misbehaving" in the lunchroom or classroom so if you have a shy child you would expect grades to be good since you don't hear from the teacher all year but see otherwise from test scores. I went to take my child out of class early for a dental appointment and as I waited I asked a security guard if there was a restroom near she replied que? as if she didn't understand what language I spoke.(don't understand how someone who doesn't understand English would land a job at a school)after school pick up is horrible so unorganized and staff feel like this would be the time to chat with other staff members which make the pick up process even worst! I can honestly say that my child has gotten in my car with out staff even noticing which worries me! this is the last year my son will attend this school just take a look at the reading scores (it explains alot) .

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August 30, 2013

My child goes to SLE since kindergarten. My daughter just graduated from 5th grade and is in middle school. SLE staff and students are great. Academic achievement is a priority for the teachers and my children loved the school. I never had an issue getting a teacher-parent conference. FYI, no public school in the county offers FREE TUTORING. The schools do not have the resources to provide it. It is up to the parents to obtain it. If you feel your child has a need, make sure the teacher knows and see if the child qualifies for a program within the school (there is a process to obtain one, child has to demonstrate a SEVERE learning problem). Minor learning issues usually are corrected with tutoring but YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

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June 2, 2013

Our 1st grader and 2nd grader (MS. WILLIAMS LEWIS' CLASS) have had difficulty with reading. Several parent/teach meetings requesting tutoring for reading have resulted in the same response - it is not available, except through private/outside sources. The Language Arts grade is a COMBINATION of the English and Spanish language class grades. We just found out (progress report)our child was pulled from the normal Spanish class to be TUTORED IN SPANISH PHONICS! They can't help with learning English, but have the resources and funds to focus on Spanish! This is discrimination. English is what is used in math, social studies, and all other classes. They are not teaching how to read English, but will a foreign language! THE SOLUTION IS PAY $$$$ PRIVATE TUTORINGS AT THE SAME SCHOOL. Incredible!

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December 2, 2011

I would like to reach out to the parents that cared enough to submit a review about this school to become involved in the PTA. There is so much more that we can do. I really believe that we all care about our children. There is so much we can do to make this school as great as Palmetto Elementary and give a chance for our children to really compete out there. I believe our kids are just as good as their kids and I believe we love our kids just as much as they love theirs. Please get involved. You will be SHOCKED when you find out how much we can do for our kids and how much better we can make the school if we participate. We can't leave everything to the teachers.

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June 8, 2011

This school is wonderful... The teachers are smart, patient and caring. I am impressed my daughter has been there 4 years she's going to fifth grade in August. Mrs, Llombart is one of the BEST teachers there and Mrs. Stevenson. Please if you can ask for Mrs. Llombart you will be happy and lucky if your child gets her. She is amazing and will do whatever it takes to help your child get A's. Loved her . The school security is great and it is an A school. Parents if you want a great "A" public school please choose this school. I can't say it enough MRS. LESLIE LLOMBART the best..

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February 3, 2011

I would give this school a top rating. I think if you show interest in your child's progress and are involved with the teachers and supportive of the teachers, they do their darndest to educate your child and keep you informed. It is not easy having a classroom with 18 children. This year my child is in Third Grade. Unfortunately it's all about the FCAT this year. The children get bored and it's hard for them to stay focussed. I feel like they don't get to learn much of anything except how to pass that math and reading FCAT, but as long as the FCAT is around, that's they way it has to be, I guess. The teachers have to do their best to make sure all the students pass that test. Hopefully in Fourth Grade they will have a chance to learn about more OTHER things. For now, any enrichment has to come from me.

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February 2, 2011

My daughter is in her second year @ this school. It all depends on the teacher. Her First teacher seemed more like a drill Sargent and to think she's a kindergarten teacher . This year has been the complete opposite, her reading and her spelling both in English and Spanish have greatly improved. She even got superior honor roll! The teacher really make all the difference. I even found a drawing in her backpack with a big heart for her teachers. She would have never done this for her previous teacher. I tested their security and was given a hard time about it; always telling you to go to the office .(which I like) I would recommend this school, just find out who your Childs teacher will be.

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December 12, 2010

My kids have been in this school since it started so that would be about 3 years now, and through the years I am still waiting on it to improve. There is a lack of effort from the teachers when it comes to having to do the extra with some of the kids that are falling behind, and not because of conduct but just because their are struggling, even when they have been told by the administers they need to work more one on one with the children to get them on track their response has been their not supposed to. I guess this wasn't told to them when their were becoming teachers it would be part of being a teacher. I would not recommend this school. Unfortunately this is the school my kids are assigned to until private schooling is free!

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September 10, 2010

this schools has a very good appearance but some of the teachers and staff look dead to me like they have to be there cuz they have no other choice. you have very little parent-teacher communication. for example i have to take the words out of my sons teacher cuz if not she will not inform me of anything. dont get me wrong it is a good school and my son learns just they need to improve there communications skills.

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August 26, 2010

I'am a parent of 2 students in this school, and they are always ecited about going to this school.. And up to now the school is been up to par for my standards.. The teachers are very well prepared and teach very well. The school is up to par with Technology..

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July 21, 2010

I had to move to an area where my child would go to a decent school. This says it all. I was extremely dissapointed with the school, the teachers, and the principal. I was teaching my child at home, that way he would not be behind on his learning. The teachers did not show any interest at all in the kids progress, very unprofessional also. I always received pre recorded phone messages around 8 pm, from the school principal , about fund raising, or other things that were not important for his learning. They do not encourage reading either, and other activities that would stimulate the students to do better. The security is not good at all, and anyone can go in the school from other entrances. I am relieved the year is over, and he is out of there.

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March 24, 2010

A wonderful school! The administration, teachers and staff are all very knowledgeable and caring. Very state of art in technology and resources.

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