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Southwood Middle School9

Palmetto Bay, FL | Miami-Dade County

November 25, 2013

Southwood is a Great school. It has great teachers. it also great kids and it also has great parents!

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October 24, 2013

Our children's middle school is SOUTHWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL, in Palmetto Bay, FL. From our oldest to our youngest, we've been attending Southwood over the past five years. We like Southwood and havn't had any negative experiences with the students, teachers or administration. There's a lot of parental involvement and the teachers are always appreciative when a parent is able to volunteer for the events they do. Southwood is unique in that, it's a community school as well as a magnet school. We've only been involved in the magnets, more specifically the art and music magnets. The Music magnet is like no other. Speaking only from our experience, the Symphonic & Jazz bands under the direction of Ms. Calle are incredible & always bring home superior ratings at competition. Her students quickly learn to listen, give her & each other respect. Our daughter was in Art, with Ms. McKinley & Ms.Berse. She now attends Coral Reef High School's Art magnet- need I say more? Our youngest started this year in orchestra under the direction of Ms.Burris & has learned so much in the 2 short months he's been in school! If you need a different school, you've got my vote for Southwood. R. Adams, Cutler Bay

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June 2, 2013

I've been to this school, and I only have GREAT things to say about it. I transferred , and I loved it. The teachers are more than helpful but amazing! The staff members are super sweet and custodians are constantly doing their job. Unlike other schools in the area, Southwood's facility is extremely clean. Trust me, I've been to 4 middle schools, and I can tell you it has been the cleaniest so far. Yes, the bathrooms might be a little stinky at times, but that's EVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL GUYS!!! If you are an incoming 6th grader, I would suggest though that you really choose your magnet strand wisely. You can switch it after the school years over, but if I were you I would choose one in the beginning that will suit you best. The best strands, in my opinion, are drama, dance, photography, and art . Not many people in these strands switch out to another strand. If you like to play an instrument and sing Italian arias though, you should go into chorus and orchestra and band. Lastly, Southwood is home of the superstars. Who can resist being a superstar:)

September 20, 2012


July 18, 2012

My son just finished his first year at Southwood, and he had a fabulous experience. The band program is top notch, and all his teachers were excellent. I felt that the administrators quickly and appropriately dealt with any issues that occurred in the school.

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June 13, 2012

I feel for you! Another huge issue you're probably not even aware of is the fact that in public school nor in any of the schools that receive the Mckay scholarship there is an obligation to have an ESE teacher teaching in an ESE class, it can be a regular teacher trying to teach your child with a disability; so the learning curve is disastrous!!!I have 2 3rd grades with adhd & dyslexia and my choices were soooooooo limited that I opted for the small class size no matter how or who taught them, at least they showed significant improvement. I also think that regardless of the grading this particular school is very overcrowded!Good luck!

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January 13, 2012

Today, approximately 60 students were left behind for a field trip because there were not enough buses. GOOD PLANNING !

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September 15, 2010

My 13 y/o child attends Southwood Middle School in Palmetto Bay. At present, she has a valid I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan) calling for services in Language Arts, Math and Science for her Specific Learning Disability. I discovered during this evenings open house that Southwood Middle opted to placed my daughter in a combined class with 7th and 8th graders, classes that would clearly under normal circumstances be following different curriculums. Each class has from 19-23 students, very large by ESE standards considering my daughter IEP calls for smaller class size. Southwood is asking teachers to do the impossible, teach a large classroom full of children with varying learning disabilities, from two different books, two different curriculums, in the same short period. Another important issue is that 12 and 13 year old girls are sitting in the same class with 8th grade boys, in some cases as old as 14 or 15.

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September 12, 2010

I went to southwood in 6-7 grade, unfortunately, i had to move out. There is a Lot of people complaining about this school, but as a student, i know what Southwood really is like. #1: Teachers DO care. There could be 1 in 20 teachers that doesnt, but C'mon, every school has that! #2: Lunch is not that bad! #3: IF YOU ARE BEING BULLIED AND TELL THE PRINCIPAL, OR A COUNSELOUR,THEY *WILL* DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, believe me, i went through that. #4: There is NO alcohol, and there are NO drugs! some kids were smoking outside, and they got EXPELLED, so dont u dare saying the staff does nothing about it. The magnet program is awesome! It is challenging, and the teachers are respectful and nice!!! Only one thing i can complain about, the grossness of the girls bathroom it IS nasty!

July 27, 2010

My child will be entering Southwood Middle School 2010-2011 yr. I have been aquainting myself with the schools administration for registration, class selections etc. for my childs enrollment purposes. The office staff has been considerate, friendly and thoroughly helpful. A schools management is easily revealed by the courtesy and attention a person is given. Southwoods office staff has proved hospitable in every inquiry I have requested with enormous cooperation. I am excited to meet the teachers, I am sure they will be as equally superb.

June 21, 2010

My son loves this school; The band arts program gets a 10 in my book.. My Son will be an 8th grage this year... absolutely excellent school!!!

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March 27, 2010

My son was not happy at Southwood at all. I had to remove him from Southwood due to the non stop bullying that the administration did nothing about. He came home just about everyday complaining about the drugs, alcohol, and violence. He said he's seen kids bring alcohol to school, and he's seen kids smoking on school grounds. I just didn't feel like Southwood was a safe environment for my son to be in, and I didn't want my son to be the next victim on the news so when I saw nothing was being done about the bullying I removed him. I'm not going to talk bad about the academic system because academically the school is phenomenal, but how can a student learn at his or her full potential when he or she is surrounded by so many negative things that the school does nothing about.

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February 6, 2010

SWMS's magnet strand is a great way for children to achive there goals. Teachers there are great, caring, and pushing.

January 11, 2009

I am a 6th grader at Southwood Middle and I attend the Art Magnet program. I have to say that this school is phenomenal. the teachers are caring and really try to boost up your grades. Most teachers give extra credit to anyone who requests it at the end of the grading period. I also think that letting us dress how they want really helps us express our creativity with the exception of baggy jeans down to knees and what not. So once again... i love Southwood!!

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August 24, 2008

My son is new to the school this year, but so far I can not say anything negative about the school. I am happy that he is excited and feels comfortable with the teachers and school.

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