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Grady High School5

Atlanta, GA | Fulton County

September 11, 2014

I don't know who is writing all of these reviews saying that Grady is "magnificent" or "fantastic" and saying that they're students at Grady high school, but they definitely aren't Grady students. Because chances are if you went to Grady, you don't know any words that big. I transferred to Grady from Decatur high a few months ago and the change is incredible. Many of the teachers here let you skate by on doing nothing. There's barely any homework, and the curriculum is almost non existent. It's great if you don't really care about learning and just want to pass, but if you actually value the content of your classes, Grady high is not the way to go.

July 15, 2014

My school is a school of excellence! I am a sophomore, and I am in the introduction to bio medical science. The courses they provide are well taught. I enjoy how they will stay after with you as long as needed, just to help you with your work that you don't understand.

Submitted by a student

April 2, 2014

I really like Grady-I am a current student there and despite all the recent scandals I can tell you it it great. Anyone who is motivated and blossom here-some students here get perfects on their SATs and othes get into Ivy League schools. No matter what you are like, you are sure to find your niche in the variey of programs offered here-we have great sports and theater programs, as well as excellent publications such as Yearbook or the Southerner. I love it!!

Submitted by a student

December 9, 2012

I am the parent of a Grady alum who learned about how to get things done and the value of working hard while at Grady. She's now acing college, and so are her friends from Grady. Their College and Career Center is unique in terms of being completely parent-run and helps EVERY student who comes through its doors. Every day our faculty strives to reach all students and help them be their best. The diversity WORKS at Grady from teachers and staff to students. It's all there if you want it. Most kids do!

Submitted by a parent

August 8, 2011

Grady is a tuition-free treasure in the middle of Midtown Atlanta. The good: > fantastic location (across the street from the largest park in the city) > very good facilities (renovated just a few years ago) > really really good teachers > great place for families who are seeking a global schools - lots of races, incomes, languages in this place. (i.e. the real world :) The bad: > way too many students (though the school does a good job of breaking down the school into 4 smaller "academies") > Some very unmotivated kids (again, the academies help with this) We have one kid there now....and after initial fears, love it.

Submitted by a parent

October 17, 2010

Grady High School is an urban school with a very diverse student body. The school offers well-rounded and challenging academic curriculum, electives, honors and advanced placement courses. Students enroll in dual enrollment as well. Grady also established a College and career Connection office assisting students with college and career choices. The CCC is a model operation for the Atlanta Public School system.

Submitted by a parent

March 4, 2010

I became a student here to attend the Fashion Program at Grady. There are few high schools that have this course, and it truly does make Grady a unique school. However, as a student there, I believe that the school has a lot of potential but it is very unorganized. The larger school setting means that individual attention isn't always granted. Overcrowded classrooms and halls are a huge frustration of mine. Everyday school life is just mediocre. The people working at the school can be impolite and unmannerable at times. They always have a lot of things going on after school including tutorials, but if you ride the bus home like me its hard to take full advantage of these options. Some classes are extremely diffucult, while others are a complete joke. It's just an average school to me, but has good end results in the students so I'll my rating=4

Submitted by a student

January 17, 2009

As a Grady High School Alumnus, I highly recommend this school. It is one of the best in the state, and the best Public School in Atlanta. I am a graduate of the magnet program, and graduated within the top 10 percent of my class. I can't say enough about this school. The extracurricular activities are wonderful, the staff is great, everyone wants you to succeed. This school would be a much better choice than a private school, because students are not handed anything. Students must work for their grades, they must work for accolade and acclaim. I will be graduating from Wake Forest University this year, and I believe that the reason that I have been able to handle the coursework at Wake Forest is because of my experience at Grady High School. I am extremely proud of my alma mater...

Submitted by a parent

October 28, 2008

I will say I have not attended Grady yet, but I will definately be attending my senior year, if not sooner. However, all of my closest friends go to Grady and all they can do is rave about it. Some of the most intelligent and well rounded human beings have come from Grady. If it is anything like the middle school, Inman, has has to be a fantastic school. I would give anything in the world to be there right now.

Submitted by a student

October 3, 2008

I am third time parent of Grady and there not enough positive things I could say. From the wonderful support my daughters received from Ms. Ukah in the Health Science Academy to the great assistance my son is now receiving through the Journalism Magnet Program. Grady is a school where students are encouraged to do their very best and prepares them for life after. My children continue to succeed now because of the opportunities afforded them at Henry W. Grady High. I would say I am one of this school's greatest fan.

Submitted by a parent

October 2, 2008

Love this school. I transfered my daughter from Mays to Grady and it was the best move ever. From students to Faculty excellent.

Submitted by a parent

September 23, 2007

Grady high school is the best for any child to go to because they have excellent standards and have came from under the dirt and growing into something marvelous

Submitted by a student

October 10, 2005

As a parent, it is my responsibility that my children have the options to do what they want, and that they are open to new oppurtunities. Grady High School is famous nation wide for great students and teachers. Everybody is always involved. The children here constantly open their imagination on joining hundreds of clubs that Grady Hosts. The teachers update their pages, help children, and review the children with parents. Many new rules have made a place at Grady, the newest one dealing with tardiness and absences that will be punished if not excused. I am a fan of it, but many of my children and their friends hate it. Anyway, For those that want to have their teenagers educated to be one of the best in the nation, I highly apporve of this school.

Submitted by a parent

March 29, 2005

As a Grady Alumni I sincerly recommend this school to any parent. The staff is excellent; they really make time for the students and parents. They make sure that the students receive the best in education and the guidance counselors really walk the students through the process of preparing for college from the time they enter the door their Freshman year until they march across that stage graduation day.

Submitted by a former student

September 3, 2004

The foundation of any H.S. is made up of a combination of student, Parent, and Teacher involvement. With this said Grady H.S. ranks as one of the best in the state. The Debate team is excellent and well known throughout the state. The recent renovations has done much to swell school spirits. The faculty has been known to make themselves available to students and parents alike. I feel confident sending my daughter off to school each morning knowing she's going to be well prepared for college and beyond.

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