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Taft High School8

Chicago, IL | Cook County


September 28, 2014

As an alumnus from Taft High School (Class Of 1971), I have returned to help my Alma Mater. I truly believe that all alumni should pay it forward and thus help the young people succeed in this world. When I attended Taft, I was involved in Junior Achievement and learned how to be a successful business person. Today I talk to various clubs at Taft and point the way so that they can achieve a bright future. I have organized many tribute concerts for Terry Kath, co-founder of the band, Chicago who graduated Taft in 1964. I have also witnessed many students who have become academically sound because their parents have become very involved in their education. The new Principal, Mr. Mark Grishaber has been very creative in reaching out to the entire student body and insisting that each student be on time every day of the school year. I know that he will be successful in returning Taft to its former status, the greatest neighborhood school in the City of Chicago. Every school has its problems. If students work together with the Administration, I firmly believe that Taft will be considered a class high school and will change for the better.

August 27, 2014

SO BAD! Don't send your kids there! I hate it so much! I graduated from 8th grade there a few months ago and was accepted into a SEHS. The Academic Center is great for preparing you for high school but the teachers are mostly horrible and is in a nighborhood high school environment. Taft is my neighborhood high school but I would never consider going there. There are drugs and smoking in the bathroom and the resources are limited and very old. It does not deserve an 8 out of 10. Look at the test scores. No, not the ISATs that the middle schoolers made, but the PSAE testing. The security is so bad and lax. The new stand-in principal is distant and doesn't care. The teachers are either way too old or young.One time I spent an entire lunch period pushing around a garbage can because I was wearing a NAVY BLUE HOODIE. It was my first week as a 7th grader! Some of the highschoolers will bully you and pressure you into things. Also, straight A's there are too easy to achieve and honors and regulars are pretty much the same. IB is okay.There were some dumb kids there. The highest GPA there last year was only about a 5.2..Less than the average of a school like NCP or Payton. Eh Bad memories

June 24, 2014

William Howard Taft High School is one of the secret jewels of the Chicago Public Schools. One of the reasons so many parents want their children to attend. The IB program is wonderful.

Submitted by a teacher

May 20, 2014

I'm gonna have to keep it short because there is a limit for how many characters I put for this review. Here it is: The Positive: -Challenging subjects -Teachers that care for your education -Loads of extracurricular activities and opportunities -A good uniform code that makes students fell more comfortable The Negative: -Smoking in the bathrooms -A lack in variety on foods -Most students are pretentious jerks -Security guards aren't really doing their jobs -Loitering all over the place Verdict: Taft is a mediocre school at best. It could've improved on a lot of aspects this school has. This is just my opinion.

February 24, 2014

This review is for the academic center at Taft. It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! My daughter will soon be graduating from eighth grade from Taft AC. She will be attending Northside College Prep in the fall. I truly believe it is with the hard work and dedication of the exceptional teaching staff that this is possible. The students absorb content because they are taught well. I also have a twenty year old daughter who also attended Taft AC and went on to Northside College Prep. She is currently at U of I Urbana studying pre-med. What a hidden gem this school is. If you have a hard working, studious and highly motivated child, this school's 7th and 8th grade program is a perfect fit! It will prepare your child for a successful high school experience. Thank you Mrs. Asvos and staff for a wonderful job!

Submitted by a parent

January 27, 2014

An overcrowded Chicago public high school. Security is lax and the neighbors around the school often complain of inappropriate activity by students who are dodging classes. A number of the teachers are above average but seem overwhelmed at times. My sons graduated from this school but I live in the neighborhood and I keep an active interest in it. It's better than many high schools and there seems to be a core group of involved parents but I am very happy that my sons no longer attend there. It has deteriorated since they attended.

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January 16, 2014

My daughter transferred to Taft this year (sophomore) after attending Resurrection College Prep last year. She needed to attend this school due to financial reasons. She was in all AP classes at Res and did very well. They could not put her in honors or IB programs as they were full and now has to wait for recommendations from the teachers to be placed in them for next year. Well she is not challenged at all. They discipline the innocence parties in altercations as well as the guilty. The security is a joke and not enough. The school is overcrowded. The smoking in the bathrooms is obscene. My daughter refuses to go in the unless absolutely necessary. Drugs very accessible. I had to contact them twice because twice my daughter was threatened to be beat up. My daughter positively hates it. I have enrolled my daughter in the CPS Virtual online school for next year. The only other choices for CPS in our area are Schurz or Steinmetz. Sorry these are worse that Taft.

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October 25, 2013

My son is a freshman and he is doing exceptionally well.. He is in honors algebra and he is getting straight A's.. The teachers are doing a great job with my son, he really likes it there. I'm not sure what they could improve on yet, because we're only a few months into the school year, but so far so good..

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September 26, 2013

Taft was at best mediocre for both of my sons, one of whom graduated this past spring and was relieved to get out. Don't expect a lot of interaction from the teachers; the last report card period I attended in the spring of 2013 many teachers were absent because of weather/flooding and when I attempted to reschedule appointments they never responded. More than a few of the teachers really need to retire and that situation will probably get worse this year because of the layoffs and rebalancing of instructors. I don't have too much faith in CPS, especially now and I'm just thankful that my kids are out. We'll see how well prepared they are as they proceed through college.

September 25, 2013

My daughter is a freshman and is in the IB program. If she wasn't I would not have sent her to Taft. I have heard so many stories about this school, fights, smoking weed, and teachers not caring. But my daughter did get in the IP program and she really wanted to attend Taft because she knows alot of kids that go there. Well my first impression was this school is not organized. The registration process was a joke. We were at the school for 3 hours waiting to get her schedule and of course pay the fees. You have to purchase it from the box office during lunch. The kids either eat or don t eat and wait in that long line. The person in the box office is the slowest moving person I have ever seen. I took off a half day of work so I could go to school and buy the bus pass for my daughter so she wouldn t miss lunch. They need a better system to be able to purchase items. As for the teachers my daughter isn't too happy with a few of her teachers. She told me they are mean, they yell at you and don't care. One of her teachers was picking on her and she didn't know why. Now the teacher is picking on another student.

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September 25, 2013

I HATE this School. Overcrowded, teachers don't care,security doesn't care,administration doesn't care .You call the Office ,No one answers the phone, you leave a message and no one calls back ever.So frustrating. The Principal herself said they have 1000 more students than they are equipped for. I went to the School and the halls are so bottle necked and dangerously over crowded. I feel for my child and I hope we can move to a better. school district soon.This IS AN AWFUL CPS.

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September 9, 2013

My son is a freshman, not in the IB program. Though the entire school is considered IB,in actuality this is not true,there is the actual IB tier one tests into and their is the general poulation. He is in some honor classes. So far not impressed. The kids are treated like a # and they make sure you know you are just a # are not going to get any individualized attention. Many of the teachers seem burnt out and just going through the motions. He did not get his bus pass for a week-they don't hand them out,students have to wait at the box office,during lunch and the box office closes before the student have gotten through. He says when he goes to the bathroom kids are smoking weed (between security guard checks). As a freshie trying to find his way around he would arrive a few minutes late.So the teacher marked him absent (really teacher you can't check who came in?) . We are very disappointed. I have to say ,we came from a parochial school,so in all fairness,we are used to a more attentive, engaged and nurturing learning envronment. I guess you get what you pay for. If you have a better option,I suggest you excercise it.

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August 26, 2013

The IB program in this school is one of the hidden gems in Chicago. Last year's average score was 25.1, which is higher than some selective enrollment schools, including Lane Tech. And this year, Taft is becoming wall to wall IB, which means all students will have access to the program. Well done Taft!!

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August 26, 2013

Choosing to have both our children attend Taft High School has worked out well. This neighborhood school continues to provide a great education while offering its students a plethora of after school activities and sports. For parents that want to be involved, there are opportunities like attending LSC and PTSA meetings, joining the Taft High School Foundation efforts for fundraising, and other campus activities.

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August 25, 2013

Drugs, fights, over crowded, high drop out rate, some teachers and counselors that just don't care (that can happen anywhere), and lazy security among a few problems. I've walked in and out of that school so many times through side doors where kids were leaving in the middle of the day. If your kid is in the IB program it is probably fine but I would not put my kid back in the regular program. Notice how on this site they don't list the 11th grade test scores like most other schools, they use the 7th and 8th grade IB student scores.

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