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Wells Community Academy High School1

Chicago, IL | Cook County


January 7, 2015

As a current student going to wells high, all I could say is that the teachers, staff, and principal of this school are a blessing. They have years of experience And they are doing 100% of their best to guide us to the right path and NEVER give up on a student if he\she felt if necessary. We may experience mindless fights here and there, but which school doesn't. The teachers, staffs, and principal does their best to steer that troubled teen back on track. This is my 3rd year attending wells high school, from what I've experienced, it'll always be with me. One of my teachers once told me that the story I wrote is talented and it mean alot to me because she is a hard teacher to persuade, but my story persuade her. Just then on, I know my passion is writing. Teachers can inspire you... Teachers can encourage you... Teachers can guide you... Teachers can create a life for you... And I got all that when I decided to come to wells high school. Next year, I'll graduate- but the spirit of wells he would never leave me, for it is the reason I have found the light instead of darkness.

Submitted by a student

May 7, 2013

wells academy is the most stupidest school in the city of Chicago with the worse staff who strive to provide the lowest quality education in Illinois!

Submitted by a student

September 7, 2012

I attended Wells back in 1968 -71. I often check up to see how things are going there today. It was a wonderful school back then and I see it still is today! As I am 57 years old now I know all our old teachers have left or retired. Thanks to the Principals, staff and students who continue to make me proud! We also have a group on facebook., it's called...."Wells High School 1960 thru 1980" for those that attended back them. Good luck to all your current students! Sincerely, Diane Montague.CLASS OF 1972. Wells Loyalty Song........ Wells High, we raise our voice to thee. Wells High, you have our loyalty, fighting and always striving, to bring to you a victory. So we'll say Wells High, to you we pledge our hearts, to you we will be true. Fight on and keep our colors flying, silver and royal blue.

May 17, 2011

I transfered my daughter into Wells half way through her freshman year. I had MAJOR concerns regarding the reputation of the school, however after researching I found that they were cleaning house. My child has never been happier and I as a parent absolutely LOVE the staff at Wells. Principal Matias is doing an amazing job and has really given the school new vision. He greets parents and students with a warm, friendly hug and shows genuine interest in every single student. You just don't see that anymore within school administration. He and his staff are to be commended for their compassion and passion for their jobs. Regarding the things that ppl say about this school, don't believe it. Walk into the campus, take a tour, interact with staff and students. You'll quickly see that this school has gotten a bumm rap. I transfered my daughter from a school with a great reputation, which was my reason for putting her there to only have her belittled by the principal and staff. It was a horrible school, yet known for being "great". I put her in Wells, the reverse happened. A school that's looked badly upon, yet I found them to be amazing. Wells Academy has completely won me over.

Submitted by a parent

January 29, 2011

I live in the area and have often wondered why there isn't a good vocational program for these kids. Most will not make it past meaningless jobs. Sad really, But scoring 10% accross the board is simply atrocious. These kids CAN NOT compete.

April 14, 2009

The new principal, Ernesto Matias, began at Wells in September 2008, and has already had a tremendously positive impact on the school. As he himself routinely says, 'We have a revolution going on at Wells!' Under his leadership, the school has improved dramatically and immediately, teachers are stepping up and improving classroom instruction. As you can see from this site, students are very enthusiastic about the difference.

Submitted by a teacher

February 4, 2009

I am a senior at Wells (Class of 2009) & I truly belive that there have been major changes. I have attended this school since i was a freshman & i have never had a problem. It's true that we have a new principal who is helping us reach our goal of graduating because unlike other people, he really cares about his students and really belive that we can make it in life. The school has really improved throughout these last years. He is a very good principal, he greets you at the door as you walk in & will make time for you if you have a problem/concern. ~Class of 2009~

Submitted by a student

January 13, 2009

I think people should worry more about the killings that is going on around the world, and not the minor fights and argument going on in side of Wells.plus am been here since my freshman year and am doing good plus we are a large group that gonna graduate this year we have a new principle that cares about us graduating that hes made saturday school avilibale for us just get most of his senior class there to graduate. iam proud of the school i go to and it gonna get a lot more better so incomming freshman dont act full we have a good principle be good and dont mess around do your work because if not your gonna find your left behind and have to make all the class you messed around in before graduating and it not gonna be pretty

Submitted by a student

November 7, 2008

I use to be a student in this school & honestly every school has there ups and down. Its not the teachers, counselors or even security guards job. I graduated w/ honors and went to a great school. I did it on my own every kid needs to make the best of the school. The way I did.

November 4, 2008

It's safe there is a new principal who changed everything trust me i'm from wells

Submitted by a student

March 27, 2008

I am a student at the school an I truely do not believe that the school is as terrible and as a threat as every one makes it seem. Yes there are some students who are disrespectful and rude but the few students who act this way os not an example of all of us. Outsiders act like the students at the school are alway violent towards each other, which isnt true. 90 percent of the fight and argument that happen are resolved with the help of parents and staff members. I think people should worry more about the killings that is going on around the world, and not the minor fights and argument going on in side of Wells.

Submitted by a student

October 7, 2007

The school has not been very safe for many years. I hope it can once agin be in the future.

Submitted by a former student

January 11, 2007

In my opinion we have great teachers at Wells High School and they are putting their life on the line as well as the students that are there to get an education. If there are disruptive students it is only because their parent's let them get away with it.

Submitted by a parent

November 11, 2006

One of the difficulties in this school is that students who are badly behaved--disruptive to class, physical with other students (pummeling, pushing, shoving,) use foul language to others, including teachers and students, have no check on their behavior. For every offense, the student 'meets' with the teacher and that's the end of it. Each disruption, each shout out, each cursing, is treated as a first offense. If the parent defends the student's behavior, that is the end of the situation. Good students can barely function in the classroom because of the students who disrupt. Currently 30 is the standard class size. When school starts at 8, the students who are late ( (10 or 12), stream into the room, disrupting the class during the entire 43 minute period. For every misbehavior, the teacher must call home. Teachers are responsible for 180 students, five classes and one division.

Submitted by a parent

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