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Nettelhorst Elementary School9

Chicago, IL | Cook County


June 21, 2014

This school is fine as far as CPS goes. I did have a problem with the lack of real science. The "science" teacher deliberately skipped over the chapters that involved climate change and evolution. Neither of these subjects were even touched on in the two years my daughter had her class, which basically consisted of insignificant filler work in place of the standard Illinois science curriculum. This is not a christian school and one would expect real science to be taught.

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May 5, 2014

this school is excellent! the teachers are fantastic: well educated, creative and kind. my son is learning and is being challenged which is great as he is pretty advanced. could not ask for more. we went to a different school before this year that was in an affluent suburb and Nettelhorst compares amazingly well plus offers diversity and creativity which the other one did not.

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April 26, 2014

Nettlehorst My grandson is in 1st grade. His teacher sends home e-mails with so many errors. one wonders about her competence. She wrote a title on his workbook: "Show in Tell".

April 8, 2014

This school has completely turned around my daughter. We were in search of finding the perfect school for her and we thought this was it. Ever since my daughter was enrolled she has been swearing talking innoproiately. But also this school has its perks. The sports are great. Great teachers who have taught wonderfully. But this school needs to enfore the bullying policey

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November 5, 2012

I don't know who the greatschools troll is that posted the story about the principal, but i'm given to doubt it because (1 she doesn't yell at anyone, as is widely known, 2) i've never seen anyone in that office "yell" at anyone in alomst 10 years, and 3) the poster likely has an axe to grind, as there's no context in the story at all. the greatschools boards (for all schools) seem to be peppered with axe-grinders hoping to get a dig in here and there. anonymity makes the reviews sort of useless (particularly the negative ones), because you can't judge the value of the reviewer in any case.

October 30, 2012

Fall 2012 I would not send my child here. Day I visited, Principal was yelling at an adult in the office! How rude and unprofessional. I turned around and left.

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August 7, 2012

Nettelhorst has a great story and is on a great path but the academics are not there yet.. It is a beautiful school with phenomenal grounds right out of a fairy tale book but great paintings not a great school make and until they make academics more rigorous the children will suffer. Smaller class sizes, reduced teaching to the test, greater focus on the quality of education is key. Children are being taught below grade versus above grade. This is unfortunate.

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March 5, 2012

Having my children at Nettelhorst the past 5 years has been a blessing. The teachers truly care about their development as responsible, caring, educated students. They set positive, high expectations and develop my children to meet those expectations. We have a good partnership and good communication. The administrators take the time to know the students and work with them to resolve conflict and make good choices. Parent involvement is always encouraged. Parents are always welcomed to get involved in school. The community school feeling is evident in that the students never want to go home. As long as everyone continues to work in the best interest of all children, Nettelhorst will remain the best place for my children.

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February 15, 2012

Move to Oak Lawn, Evanston or Lincoln Park instead, I would not reccommend this school.

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February 10, 2012

I've been a parent at Nettelhorst for 8 years, which is well before it was "fashionable" to go to Nettelhorst. Although I respect the views expressed, I do need to challenge the posts given what I know. 1. The Nettelhorst community is one community. This has been demonstrated many times by the fundraisers we have had for our families that have experienced tragedies and hard times. This has happened for many families in Nettelhorst, many of whom are close friends of mine. 2. Raising money is, unfortunately, a necessity in public schools. The vast majority of the money raised at Nettlehorst goes to providing more teachers as our community values quality teachers as the foundation of a quality education. 3. The vast majority of families at Nettelhorst are working class families that make less than six figure salaries. All families are welcome and our community is always looking for more helping hands. 4. Nettelhorst is one of the few schools where you find parents participating and present in the school from the time it opens, until well after schools ends. Nettelhorst is a participatory school and welcomes everyone who wants to participate in their children's education.

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February 8, 2012

Nettelhorst does not live up to the reviews of this school, they are manufactured by an overzealous parent's co-op's panderings last year to boost a higher rating. The school is disorganized, touts diversity yet is really about higher income bracket parents creating an elitist community where fund raising is the main concern. The fund raising also divides the school into the haves and have nots, creates resentments on the part of those who feel they cannot join in. Unless your family makes a six digit figure every year, stay away, you are not welcome.

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January 9, 2012

I feel the need to post because I find the 1/7/12 post, obviously from a student, disturbing. I have 2 children at Nettelhorst and am an active parent volunteer. We love this school. To the student I say, please speak with the administrative staff and your parents if you feel you are having difficulty being challenged. Also, it sounds like you feel bullied - and no one should put up with that - make your voice heard!! TALK TO SOME ADULTS AND CHANGE THIS!! To reviewers who have complaints about the "lack" of things at Nettelhorst - you should visit other Chicago Public Schools and get a feel for what they are like - you would change your tune. Nettelhorst, for a CPS, is heads above the rest and it's due to the teachers, administration and parent involvement! Don't knock what helps make Nettelhorst wonderful!

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January 7, 2012

This school is very poor with educating the students. I am a new student at Nettelhorst and the things that they teach me are too easy and not challenging enough. The teachers are very loose and some of them do have a lot of attitude. I strongly say that this school will not be the school to put your kid to success. Not to mention the students here, they are very judging and unpleasant. They are the kids that you don't want your kids to be with and be influenced by. Not learning anything and just having a hard time with bullying- doesn't sound like a great school to me. Also, they don't even have enough lockers for all classes so there is a lot of stealing. (Somebody has stolen 60 dollars from me) I think that this school is just unacceptable and I just wait for the day until I'm in highschool. Please, if you really care about your child then you wouldn't put them in this school.

November 5, 2011

I highly recommend this school. I agree that if you want to drop off kids and have minimal involvment, it may not be a great fit. Parents here are engaged, active, driving change and there's always more to do to help. Many parents attended Northshore or private schools themselves and expect a great education. Over the years, I see us roll up our sleeves and make it happen, whether it's a new science lab, partnership with NU for science, a new auditorium, new jungle gyms that first graders wrote letters to get, or funding a teacher or an outdoor classroom. I find it to be a school that our whole family from grandparents to children contribute to making better.

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August 21, 2011

I sadly have to agree with some of these criticisms. There are some great teachers but it seems the school puts far more energy into good pr than academics. My daughter hardly learned any math or science last year and she is entering 6th grade. The school has some serious issues with the curriculum and teachers that don t seem to get addressed. Just look at the test scores.

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