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Skinner Elementary School10

Chicago, IL | Cook County


October 13, 2014

I am in the eighth grade of this school, and I have to say that our social studies teacher, Ms. Mellos, is really good. She gets every student's respect easily and their attention easily. I really admire her teaching. Another teacher, Mr. Batchelor, is very boring. I always end up staring at the clock in his algebra class. Algebra is such a fascinating subject, but he makes it boring. He needs to have a louder voice and be more interactive with his students. Although he is a new teacher at Skinner, I believe that he can still improve.

May 15, 2014

Learn Romano Butler Campus push the children to want to move high and do more in school and home I can see my baby growing right before my eye

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May 14, 2014

I attend this school, and I am very content except for one factor. My science teacher, Ms. Montenegro, is very lax and careless when it comes to teaching. She is very ignorant and seems like she does not have enough knowledge to teach. When she is being observed by Ms . Clark or Ms. Robinson, she puts on a fake act. She prepares power-points and require us to do experiments. She acts extra cheery and like she is a true scientist. When we leave, she asks each table to leave quietly. On a normal day, she simply screams "GET OUT!" I believe her teaching style and behavior should be changed immediately. On the other hand. my social studies teacher, Mr. Fitz, is exceptional. He is patient, open minded, and has lots of knowledge to share. I learn a lot from each of his lectures.

May 12, 2014

Skinner West school is definitely a good school when your young. I loved it when I was younger but as I got older I started to quickly decrease on my love for this school. Some things are not like they use to be, and many of my classmates are not they use to be. You see now a lot of people are sad or depressed or just not as positive. I would kindly as I can say that maybe before you look into they school maybe some further investigation into the students and how everything is. It's a great school when your young, but as you abate through life the quality and the feel of the school may not be like it use too.

April 9, 2014

Skinner West school is awesome. I am currently in 6th grade, and I made it into Whitney Young. I have been in Skinner since 2007. I have learned a lot there, and the teachers are awesome. The more you advance through the grade levels, the more awesome the teachers get.

March 25, 2014

Skinner is a very smart school and I have totally learned so many things here but it is totally a bullying school. I currently am in 8th grade and there is so much drama in every grade literally including the first graders. Many of the staff can be very rude and are always disrespectful when I ask them simple questions like, "Is there a ice pack anywhere?" Which by the way there is no icepacks and no nurses in the school. There is just negative vibes as you get higher and higher in each grade. Also there is many fights and not strict rules and the worse punishment is you get some is some "yellow slip" that doesn't really give a big impression. It's a great elementary school but I do NOT think its a great middle school. I did learn a lot though!

December 7, 2013

My daughter just transferred to Skinner this fall and I am very impressed! For the first time in her school career, she is actually being challenged. Her teachers are caring, effective and professional. She has made many friends and her schoolmates welcomed her with open arms. I am thankful that my child has the opportunity to be attending Skinner West. I am hopeful that my son will soon be joining her. This is an excellent school!

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November 9, 2013

I graduated from here in June and got into Payton! The academics are challenging here which made my transition smooth at Payton. I loved the diversity and sports offered here. Teachers were great . I never seen any bullying take place so no vlue about what others said below. I met a lot of cool friends and people. I was in the classical program. I will always love Skinner West!

November 2, 2013

I attended Skinner many moons ago, and I'm definately in agreement with the fact that things have changed since. I will say this, Skinner, to me, was by far the BEST school I attended. The teachers were great, and brought out what ever talent you had. Artistically, verbally, mentally. Whatever you were good at, they pushed you to be better Skinner is an exceptional school and any parent who is lucky enough to have a child attend, will see exactly what I'm talking about. As far as bullying goes, that's everywhere.....so teach your child right from wrong, so they don't follow what other children do. Teachers are with your children for a portion of the day. They can't do it all by themselves. It takes a village people. Be cautious of who your children are around. I'm POSITIVE that they are not picking up the bullying tendencies and bad language from the teachers!!!!!

August 30, 2013

Bullying is OUT OF CONTROL HERE!!! Teachers do nothing, year after year. This is an ongoing issue. My son has been hit, pinched, called names-the teacher tells him "not to tattle". Disgusting

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August 26, 2013

My name is Yasmin Jones and i go to Mark T Skinner West Elemetery School.I am in sixth grade .I just started school on August 26,2013 on Monday. I think others should know about this school is that it is a wonderful school.If your child doesn't understand something that the teacher is teaching your child's teacher will do something right away to get him to understand .I also like my principal Ms.Clark because every year we will watch a bullying video so we will learn to not start any bullying.And if we see bullying we are not suppose to get into the fight .We are suppose to tell a grownup or a teacher or whoever is in the hallway that is close by.What i like about this school is that if your child doesn't know something or isn't good in a subject you just have to let your child teacher know and she or he would do something to help your child inpprove.

August 22, 2013

Skinner is a school that brings out the potentials in a child. It pushes children to reach above their limits. The teachers are highly committed Miss woerzoreck in 1st grade is an outstanding teacher. Although the homework given to the children which is mostly research based and voluminous tends to keep them up past their bedtime. There's daily homework and weekly homework as well. This is sometimes overwhelming for both parents and child. However, there's no doubt that the Skinner West is thorough. There's no room for timidity, a child needs to prove himself and defend his thoughts and opinions with facts. The issue of bullying is recurrent, the school needs to improve its ways of handling this issue so as to be seen to be fair to all concerned.

June 24, 2013

Our daughter tested into Skinner and attended kindergarten and 1st grade there. If we were not moving to the suburbs, she'd still be there. While I was a bit put off by the amount of homework (even in kindergarten), our daughter has thrived at Skinner. A great learning community. My only hesitations are that with a lack of substitute teachers in Chicago, many of the ancillary courses were cancelled because they were pulled to substitute classes if a teacher was out. Ms. Growe (K) and Ms. Sittner (1st) were awesome teachers.

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June 4, 2013

If your child is an ethnic minority or an English Language Learner, this may not be right place for you. Most of the teachers are young, white females who do not recognize discrimination. They assess and group through "observation." Thus, if you have a quiet child, they are likely to be placed in lower reading and math groups, even though they may be ready for more challenge. Bullying is abundant and rampant. Young children are told not to tattle, leaving them with no one to turn to when they are bullied. This school has great test scores, and is probably the best of the bunch that we have experience with, but it is probably more suited for White and African American students.

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May 4, 2013

I am considering Skinner west for my daughter for next year (Fall 2014) After having a trip for the school's open house, I was very impressed by students teachers and the program itself.

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