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Plano Senior High School4

Plano, TX | Collin County


October 13, 2014

My 3 kids graduated from Plano. We came from Arlington at one of its best schools. Plano system was initially a tough adjustment. Over time, my kids scored above 2200 on SAT and scored well in their AP saving us college credits. The system works if you want your kid to be academically competitive. 30+ AP courses is exceptional. It has multiple band and orchestra levels giving a child interested in music a chance to learn. Great extracurriculars and amazing teachers with the right amount of devotion to athletics. I owe a lot to Plano.

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February 18, 2014

I feel the need to let others know the things that my daughter has been exposed to in this school. She has been exposed to bullying and segregation(not racial) in this school that is "overlooked" by a couple of the teachers. They seem to ignore things that are said and done to "lower classmen' byt the seniors in some of their extra curricular activities. I understand the normal teasing by upper classmen but being trated as less than human beings is not acceptable. They do not promote "teamwork" and the response from the principal was slow and the teachers were VERY defensive when asked about this. I would not recommend the extra currricular teams at this school-excluding the sports teams. I have no idea about the sports teams are managed.

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May 31, 2013

Best north dallas high school ever!! Strong academics, great teachers, very balanced student life, heavy but healthy academic competitions, wonderful programs and clubs. My two kids went to this school and both went to prestige colleges, greatly attributed to the inspiring teachers!! Five stars!

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July 3, 2012

I have 2 kids who graduated from Plano Senior High. We came from Arlington, TX and initially the kids struggled in Elementary. After only one year, my kids caught up and upon graduation from the fine schools of Plano, one was a national merit finalist, the second national commended and my third who is graduating next year will be national merit commended also. You can get as much out of the schools that you put into it. Most impressive to me was how often they tested the kids to ensure they have the right curriculum and the kids are doing above average. I cannot thank this school enough for the fine education that has prepared them for college. My 2 daughters have pursued science degrees in preparation for med school or research and my son will be going into engineering. This school had strong math/science emphasis in high school and outstading focus on the arts and reading and music in elementary and middle school. Plano only does remarkably well in sports and academic competitions. It's hard to believe it is a public school. No bullying issues for strong academic students; in fact it is admired there. Thank you PISD!

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December 30, 2011

I have put 6 kids through Plano Sr. They have high expectations and foster a high sense of healthy competition for good grades. The kids enjoyed their time there, and the sense of school spirit is extremely high.

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September 25, 2011

Our daughter attended here until we moved in the summer. We loved how the school prepared the students for college life and treated them with respect. The freedoms allowed here are truly missed by our daughter. We moved to Frisco unknowingling that it was serviced by Little Elm High School and this school is so behind. It is her senior year and they are doing things that she learned in 10th and 11th grade in Plano. The LEHS scoffed at PSHS and now they are trying to make their curriculum more like Plano. Ha! We've been fighting to get the same rights as we had at Plano Senior for our daughter. The counselors, principal and staff at PSHS were great...some of the students need a realtity check, but overall PSHS is a good school. Thankgoodness our daughter was educated in PSHS from Kindergarten to her Junior year otherwise she'd be in trouble. PSHS keep up the good work. If it wasn't so far our daughter would drive there every day, the offer was a great one, but 40 minutes was too much. PSHS keep educationg those students ....Good Job! Great school, great diversity.

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February 24, 2010

As an alumini from Plano Senior high, I have the most right to give it ratings accordingly. I was never a school spirited person, but there is something about this school that made you care no matter what. The teachers that cared so much was probably one of the main reasons. The school spirit in this school was always very high as well. Even though I always said I didnt care if we won or lost the football games and I never attened the pep-rallies because they were the excuse for me to sleep in that day, I still cried when we lost our last football game. There was a part of me that made me want to be proud of graduate from this school, and I was, I still am; and now, my last semester of college and I'm still wearing my class ring and class crest aroung my neck.

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October 3, 2009

Teachers are dedicated and school gave both my sons a terrific head start to succeeding in college.

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November 7, 2008

Our daughter graduated from PSHS 2 years ago. She finished HS with 1.5 years of college credit due to AP classes and summer college work. PSHS has stellar instructors. Her physics teacher at PSHS had his PhD. Her other teachers all seemed to have at least a masters degree. Our daughter was very sick for 4 months her senior year. We were able to change her schedule and classes mid-semester. We felt support and encouragement from everyone we dealt with. Whether your child's needs are Special Ed, Artistic, or Advanced Studies, their needs will be met at PSHS.

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July 8, 2008

hi everyone! I went to Plano Senior High School and graduated just this year. Class of 2008! Plano was a great experience for me. A great school academically, artistically, athletically, and musically!

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May 21, 2008

I have one son who graduated from Plano Sr and one about to enter from Jasper HS. I think that PSHS as well as PISD really prepares the students well for college. If you are academically average it might be a challenge. Great school spirit and wonderful sports programs. I assume the fine arts are strong as well.

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November 1, 2007

This school is above and beyond. Anywhere else in the country you would have to pay Private School tuition to get your children this kind of education.

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July 20, 2007

The competition at this school is ridiculous. Initially I felt the idea of separating freshmen & sophs from juniors & seniors was brilliant--but the sheer number of students is daunting. In order to flourish in this environment, students must be very academically gifted & motivated, in top athletic form, and, socially very outgoing. By nature, most teens are awkward, self conscious, & impressionable--the sheer size of this school makes academic life very difficult.

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April 29, 2007

Plano Senior High School is a great school overall, period.

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January 18, 2007

The School is a mix of good and bad. The academics are for the most part very good. Many very very good teachers. There are many options for students to learn. The down side to this is that the pressure to perform is extreme. Way too high. one of my children has graduated from there and another is about to graduate. I would not send my children to Plano Senior High if I had to do it again. I think the bad out weighs the good

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